3 National Guardsmen Among Those Who Helped After Marathon Blast

While taking part in the Tough Ruck 2013, three National Guard servicemen from the 1060th Transportation Company found themselves in the midst of a horrific event. 1st Lt. Steve Fiola, First Sgt. Bernard Madore, and Staff Sgt. Mark Welch were near the end of the 26.2 mile course, which they had been walking with full rucksacks.

When the explosions happened the three guardsmen were near the end of the race and although they had been walking for 8 hours, their training immediately kicked in. Directing other soldiers to assist people running away from the bomb blasts, the three uniformed guardsmen ran towards the cloud of smoke and debris.

Although both Welch and Madore had served tours in Iraq, the results of a bomb blast in familiar territory was both surprising and unsettling. Sgt. Madore said "To see it outside of a building that I know was horrible. I never thought I’d see something like that on our own grounds." Trained to deal with stressful and unexpected situations, the three service members all praised the doctors, nurses, and EMT personnel that arrived on the scene. Coming to help with dehydration and sprained ankles, these medical professionals rose above and beyond what they had signed up for.