National Guard Sent to Ferguson

The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, signed an Executive Order on Aug. 16 to send in the Missouri National Guard in order to help quell the rioting that has been going on since the Aug. 9 death of Micheal Brown.

The police response to the rioting has been widely criticized as being overly militarized and heavy-handed, although there were Molotov cocktails and bottles thrown by protesters before the midnight to 5am curfew started on the morning of Aug. 16. Some injuries were reported and arrests were made, but no major events happened during the five hour curfew.

The governor of Missouri has not only criticized violent and criminal protesters for doing a "disservice to the family of Michael Brown and his memory" but also condemned the police for releasing CCTV footage of Mr. Brown, saying that "it made emotions raw" and "cast aspersions" on the dead man.

No word yet on the exact number of National Guard soldiers that will be working in and around Ferguson, MO.