New Drone Facility at Buckley AFB

The Colorado Army National Guard is opening a new maintenance and training facility for drones at Buckley Air Force Base.

The facility will include simulators, classrooms, mission planning rooms, and maintenance bays for the RQ-7 Shadow drones. This facility will allow the drone operators to train more closely with soldiers on the ground, increasing the usefulness of the RQ-7's surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

The RQ-7 is a smaller Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), with a wingspan of 14 feet and is launched from a trailer-mounted pneumatic launcher. The entire Shadow system is designed to be completely mobile, and can be launched, operated, and recovered entirely from Humvees. The RQ-7 carries no offensive weapons, but it does carry a stabilized infrared/electro-optical camera, which can send back real-time images through a datalink to a ground control station.